Saturday, June 19, 2010

Post 1: Introduction

Hello my fellow blog viewer!

I have been interested in photography since 1999 when I took my first photography course in high school.

I have been addicted to photography since 1999 when I took my first photography course in 9th grade. I first became interested in Annie Leibovitz, but as years went on, I wanted inspiration from other photographers who created work that left me staying up half the night wondering about them, their subjects that they photographed, and what their work meant.

It wasn’t until 2007 that I heard about Joel-Peter Witkin. If only I heard about him sooner. I was taking a photography course at Lake Superior College that was taught by Su Legatt, and she introduced me to his work because I wanted to be challenged for an assignment that I had. I could barely look at the photograph. It was very intimidating, I was terrified, I wanted nothing more than to avert my eyes, and the image was shoved in my face (not literally) of course. At the same time, I was very intrigued, and I wanted to know more.

Here is the first image that I saw.

(click thumbnail for larger image)
Penitente, 1982

When I got home that night, I immediately browsed more of his work, read a couple of short stories, and since that day, I have been hooked.

This blog, as I am sure you already know, is about Joel-Peter Witkin. He is an American photographer who photographs dwarfs (little people), transsexuals, hermaphrodites, the physically deformed, and cadavers. To sum it up, he photographs the social misfits of our society.

When thinking about his work as a photographer, there is not a grey area. You are either going to love it, or you are going to hate it. I loved the work right away.

I am required to keep a blog about my ramblings about Mr. Witkin because in the near future, I will be required to write a research paper about him. Do not worry, I chose to write about him. I want to squeeze as much information from him as possible to gain a better understanding about him, and what makes him tick. I want to know why some people are turned-off by some of his work. I want to learn more about his process that he goes through to get to the final image. I want to know why he became interested in death and amputees in the first place. I want to share with you, the reader my thoughts about him, certain photographs that I either love, or am repulsed by, and why. I want to make you and I tick.

My hope is to publish a small book about him and his work, or maybe even a research article in a photography magazine. What I would really love is to accompany him on a project from start to finish.

Resources that I will be using so far:

Title: The bone house / Joel-Peter Witkin
Title: Witkin/Germano Celant

Movies through YouTube
Vile Bodies: Part 1
Vile Bodies: Part 2

Joel-Peter Witkin
Email exchanging

This is my first blog. Please understand that I am new to this, and enjoy!

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  1. Your first entry definitely intrigues me, your reader. I want to know more about Witkin too, and about his significance to the art world, and to you. I like where you're going with this. You write very well in these entries, and I can tell that you're passionate about your subject. I think that you should definitely go for the "book" idea, and accompanying him on a project. Go for it! And keep me posted through the years. I would definitely read your book.